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Looking for a floor to suit your style, comfort and budget?

•For almost any room or space, carpet can provide you comfort, warmth and style for a reasonable cost including product and installation.
•In the world of carpet, we are seeing far fewer shags and friezes and more patterned carpets. By using a technique that combines both loops and cut loops hence the name "cut-and-loop carpet" manufacturers can create a carpet with patterns that range from subtle to bold. "New technology also is producing carpet with incredibly soft fibers. Huge improvements have been made in the world of carpet pads, too, with high-quality dense rubber replacing the more commonplace loose fiber. With new lifetime stain resistant warranties, you do not have to worry about spilling your glass of red wine while relaxing in your living room.


Tips of the Trade:

When purchasing your carpet look for PEET fibres. These fibre are luxurious, soft, eco-friendly and most importantly 100% stain proof. (see video)


Designer tips:

Color is one of the most important aspects of buying carpet. One person’s “beautiful” is another’s “boring.” Fortunately, there are more colors and designs available than ever before. Some important designer information to remember: a light color will make the room appear larger, while a dark color may make the room feel warm and cozy.



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